Magical Experiences

How do you plan your Disney trips? Do you use a travel agent fluent in Disney or plan it all yourself?  For the past several years we have planned our own Disney vacations via their site or called them or both to plan what we wanted to do. Everyone has their Disney magical experience planned out how they do Disney and there's really no wrong way to do it as long as you have fun and enjoy what you do. Disney offers so many choices it's impossible to do it all on a week or 2 week vacation so what you focus on the most?  I tend to focus on popular attractions for my kids and reserving fast passes for them because they are all about the rides and attractions when the whole family goes.  

I also enjoy doing nothing at the resorts but sit by the pool or make dining reservation when it's just me and my husband going without the kids. I found that going by those crowd calendars are not all that accurate for me so I just don't look at them or plan around that anymore like I used to do. We have family that live in Florida so we can visit them and find out what the locals know so that's always an interesting learning experience. What do you hope for on your Disney vacations? What magical experiences do you dream about or hope happens? I find that Disney itself is magical no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing. I enjoy every experience and make it memorable so I don't forget the sights, sounds, smells or tastes of it all. 

If you had to create a magical experience what would that be and where in Disney would it happen? 

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