Great BIG Beautiful Tomorrow

When I think about attractions I can't help but mention the Carousel of Progress. I absolutely love this moving theater attraction. When my family and I first went to Magic Kingdom we had to clue as to what this actually was being newbies, but we stood in a short line and got the best seats ever. There was almost no one in the theater with us and once that musical introduction played I think I was hooked for life.  I can't help but imagine how in world Walt himself could create something so ahead of its time when he did but he did it and here we are enjoying it. 

Walking through the park is no joke we all have had those blisters, sore muscles and heck I've lost the feeling in my feet before but by the time I assemble my stragglers and end up in Tomorrowland this is my go ride. Sure I love Space Mountain, Buzz and the people mover but nothing says AC and foot rest quite like this attraction. The greatest thing was figuring out that the stage was stationary and the people in the seats were moving around each scene. I can't tell you the times I've watched those walls move to see if I could see the people sitting in the next section.  The song is so catchy after the first turn you make pretty much everyone is singing it after that or at least parts of it. 

Technology has come a long way and Walt was an amazing dreamer that imagined great attractions like Carousel of Progress for us to enjoy. I'm sure it will soon get an upgrade at some point in time as everything changes and progresses over time, but for now I will enjoy it just as it is and welcome any new additions as time moves on. Some people are hesitant to change but I understand why Disney does what it does to remain relevant and improve what they need to do. I'm just awestruck that Walt had the vision to create a relaxing enjoyable experience that my entire family gets to participate in. Now if you will join me in a rousing chorus of " There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Shining At The End Of Every Day"!  Be sure to go to my youtube channel subscribe and comment what attraction you would like to hear about next. 

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