Disney World Here I Go!

So many people ask me "Why do you wear so many Disney things?" My answer is quite simple, I got bit by the Disney bug! I've been a professional singer/musician all my life and own my own recording studio so to say I've traveled is an understatement. I've been to the far corners of the Earth and then some but none made me feel more happy than when I first went to Disney World 6 years ago in 2013. I grew up poor where the only real vacations you took were to the beach because family had a trailer there and it was rent free to stay for a long weekend. I never got a real vacation week off only  2-4 days at most  but only when I grew up and was on my own. Now being married for 20 years to a Prince Charming with 3 adorable boys we simply just can't get enough of Disney World Parks and Resorts. So, call me a newbie if you like the fact of the matter is that Walt Disney envisioned something amazing that families like mine and yours could immerse our senses into his fantasy world. Henceforth we have been bitten by the Disney bug! 

Our Disney vacation wasn't something we planned out on our first trip a former employer of mine sent us on a 4 day magical vacation we would never ever forget and I was so grateful for that first experience. We had no clue what to do or where to go and back then we didn't search for things on youtube like we all do today following Disney vloggers. We had our 3 little boys in tow and stayed off property in a nice spacious place called Bahama Bay Resort in Davenport Florida where we still frequent every year. I remember walking on to the Ferry Boat General Joe Potter walking up those stairs picking my favorite spot so I could see and soak in all the sights as the ferry boat carried me closer to the castle.  I remember telling my hubby "This better be worth dragging special needs kids 12 hours in a rental van!" It was so worth it and I admit I may have screamed a little bit when I saw the castle getting closer and closer. My hubby had already been to Disneyland many years ago but this was my first time at a Disney park or anything Disney at all.  I have to say my eyes began to water a little bit and in that moment stepping off the Ferry to bag check then to check ourselves in, I was so bitten by the Disney bug.  I cannot explain to you my absolute joy. Sure I had been to tons of places before but nothing caught my heart and placed me back when I was a little girl watching Cinderella for the first time at the movies with my Aunt (because back then there were no vhs or dvd players) looking up at the castle. We had always watched old reruns of Walt Disney cartoons and even the man himself  who had long been gone but still sucked into his fantastic fantasy.  

You may say well how have you been able to go back to Disney when its so expensive and they keep raising prices to price people out and it's simply just that you either wholeheartedly love it and long to be there or you don't.  Sure finances play a big part in when we go and for how long but it is a sacrifice we are willing to save to take our children someplace safe and magical on this Earth that I can't do anywhere else.  We cut costs on everything at home and are frugal with spending so we don't spend we rake and save every nickel and dollar towards our next trip.  Magical places don't exist anywhere else where you can walk where Walt Disney himself walked and imagine in your minds eye that he's somewhere nearby smiling that you came to see his land that he created just for me and you.  You may think I'm a little crazy and over do this whole Disney thing but I would rather be in a magical place where my family doesn't have to worry about time or the outside world for awhile because we're to busy getting hugs from the Mouse. Disney creates an experience like none other and one of these days we will make more than a few trips a year to our magical place. Of all the bugs I've ever been bitten by I'm glad it was Walt that sent it my way.  I'm happy to have the Disney bug. Be sure to subscribe to my CrissyOShow channel as I show you guys all about my Disney adventures. If you want to know more look below to find the folks I subscribe and follow. 

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