Disney Resort Hopping

If you are unsure about the term "resort hopping" let me describe to you what it means to me in this blog.  Disney has multiple resorts of all levels from affordable moderate to the grandest stay you can imagine and the price to go with them. If you are like my family of 5 with special needs kids money is already tight and saving for a Disney trip can make things tighter but you manage to pull it off every year anyway.  When I look at a Disney resort versus off site I look at whether I can afford it, if it will fit a family of 5 with extra needs and location to my favorite park Magic Kingdom.   

The term "resort hopping" for me means that once I've chosen an All Star resort to stay that I can afford during the time I'm there I can now be free to make dining reservations or quick service meal options at the other grander resorts around me and hop around from place to place.  Disney has multiple transportation options that are free to guests so you get to choose from a variety  of options on how you want to travel and where do you want to go.  The new gondola system has been in it's testing mode and looks to be very exciting giving you a somewhat birds eye view of the parks below it so this is a new option. The boats and ferry system are my favorite way to travel to the resorts that have this option of water transportation.  There is the monorail, the minnie van service (not free)  or you can just drive like we choose to do.  

When I decide to resort hop being that I only get to Disney once or twice a year if I'm lucky, I choose the resorts I have not vlogged about or seen ever in my life but know about them. On this most recent March trip I chose to go to the Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge, Boardwalk, Beach and Yacht resorts. Normally I don't choose so many resorts but we were on a short stay and the weather was not very good with cold winds and rain our last 2 days so we took in all the sights we could enjoy.  In my recent experience staying on Disney property and we were dining at a quick service area, or had reservations,  the security will scan your magic band to see if you are staying on property ask you a few questions and you are on your way to park because we drove there. If we had taken Disney forms of transportation we would have had a bag check and been on our way but we drove so there ya have it. 

You can choose any option of transportation you like and all Disney resorts have something wonderful there to enjoy be it food, shopping or some form of entertainment. Sometimes I just like not having a park day just to get to a fancier resort that I can't stay in due to pricing and take as many video and pictures as I can to show you the options. It doesn't really matter how you do your Disney experiences as long as you are satisfied and happy with your choices I say go for it. 


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