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Today I start planning for our MNSSHP (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party) which is our families very favorite party of them all. I'm a huge fan of Captain Hook which to this day have never met in person but I do plan to get that fit in somewhere in my lifetime. I recently got a new pair of Minnie Ears which caused me to look back at the history of ears and how all that trend got started which will be on my vlog coming up this week. I absolutely LOVE planning our fast passes on paper and this year we get to treat the boys to actually stay on site at one of the lower priced All Star resorts because we have scrimped and saved up for it.  

My kids have special needs issues such as: Autism, genetic disorders and Tourette's so I have to really pay attention to their needs when planning our what we do and they easily follow along with us through the parks and rides. I make sure they watch youtube videos of the rides first to help desensitize them to the fear of the unknown and I can say that truly has helped. We've never dealt with meltdowns like some families have because my boys are a little older and we've worked with them on behaviors and appropriate responses very intensely.  I do however make use of if necessary in the very back of the Magic Kingdom park near the backside of Space Mountains walking trail area just in case we need to rest or just decompress from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. 

Having 3 children with different food likes and dislikes it has been very helpful to me to follow AJ Wolfe at Disney's Food Blog (DFB) on youtube as she explains the foods do's and don'ts very well and that is key for me when allergies are an issue.  She has several places on her DFB channel that may be of interest to you if you plan to try to eating at certain restaurants in the parks or quick service areas. She's never let me down and I am super appreciative of those informative videos that have helped my family choose what to do or not do. 

What I'm most excited for is having that 60 day fastpass window for my kids so maybe we can actually ride Slinky Dog Dash and not just stand and look at it because the lines are so long we would rather enjoy other things around Hollywood Studios. Since I deal with seizures I can't ride certain rides with flashing lights like the Star Wars ride etc. but I still browse through the shops nearby looking for the latest ears to add to my collection while the rest enjoy it. The one time of the year when I can take my children together as a family with my brother and enjoy the magic is our Disney vacations. There is no other place on Earth I would rather share the magical experiences with you guys but Disney. No other theme park in the world compares to the magic and immersive detail that Disney brings and if can help you in some way feel that magic through my blogs or vlogs I'm happy to make your day magical. 

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